Lost ETH Through Matic Bridge

Good Morning,

Matic Bridge has seemed to lose my WETH that i was converting to ETH through the bridge.
I followed the on the matic website all the way to the “Click on the “Continue” button from “Confirm Transfer” popup.” section and authenticated using my Ledger Nano X, ensuring the address was correct.

The next section states "After you click on the “Continue” button, you need to confirm all your transactions in your MetaMask to make the transaction successful

Once you confirm the transaction, you will see a “Transfer in Progress” popup which will show you the Deposit status. It will take ~7-8 minutes for the tokens to show up on Matic."

I do not have this option within Matic Web Wallet, nor within Metamask. But the WETH has left my matic wallet and i cant receive it because i cant confirm it.

id attach screenshots and post the links but i’m a new user and this website will not let me!!

Could someone assist me as i’m trying to locate these coins so i can complete the transaction