Missing ETH in Metamask after bridging to Matic mainnet

I tried using the Matic Bridge to transfer ETH from mainnet over to Matic. I used MetaMask for this but I am having trouble accessing the ETH in Metamask. Matic wallet is telling me I have a balance of 1 ETH, but Metamask is saying I have an overall balance of 0 ETH, but then a conflicting balance of 1 ETH (screenshot below). When I go to use the ETH on Matic, it is acting as if I have 0 ETH and won’t let me do any transactions. Is there any way to fix this?

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have you figured this out yet? I am actually having the same exact problem but on bsc mainnet. It won’t read the Eth I have and it won’t let me make any transactions etc. Hopefully someone will answer or one of us can figure it out!

so to follow up on my orig comment, I originally did everything on my computer. So I decided to check out my phone and I forgot you have to manually add each token. Now I have only one Eth showing up in there instead of 2 like you. Kind of a pain to not have it working correctly on my computer, but at least there is a work around. Hope this helps you!