Lost Money In transaction

About 11 days ago now I made a withdrawal of $2000 NZD worth of Ethereum from Binnance to MetaMask. I was told to select a network that was compatible with both Binnance and MetaMask as I was making the withdrawal from Binnance, so I selected the BSC Network. However the $2000 NZD worth of ethereum never arrived in my MetaMask wallet.

Is there any way to retrieve the money back that was lost in the transaction?

Hoping for a quick response,



Hi JordanBinnie nothing is lost :smiley: must added Binance Smart Chain :point_down:

and then add your token :slightly_smiling_face: send some transaction screenshot

When you withdraw ETH with BEP20 read this :point_down:

Thank you!

I have added the mainnet network to my MetaMask wallet.

Here is the screenshot of when I made the withdrawal:

Did I do this correct?
Or do I need to add the testnet aswell?

OK when added Binance Smart Chain

Open this page https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum/
Copy Binance Smart Chain contract address: :point_down:

Click :point_right: Add Token - select Custom Token and add contract address :upside_down_face: