Lost payment STAKE

Good day
Metamask adress 0x9d807363044DFb9AcDC1eCf87535f069ff7dC26F
On November 6, I transferred funds in STAKE currency to the wallet to the address 0x65b4452757d94f0********12a07f607c1b23ce from the metamask wallet. I received an SMS about the transfer on my phone, but the funds were not credited. SMS says that the wallet was specified correctly. Who is to blame for losing my money?
And I need Hash id for this operation,


Hey @dillybons, would you be able to provide a transaction hash?

MetaMask also does NOT send any SMS, and does not ask for your phone number. Please make sure you are using the official MetaMask extension and/or mobile app.


It looks like the transaction was successful, and the STAKE tokens have been sent to a contract address 0x4C36d2919e407f0Cc2Ee3c993ccF8ac26d9CE64e

Iā€™m sure I made a transfer to this address