Lost seed phrase after extension was deleted

How can I restore may seed phrase. I got logout in metamask after logging out my email in gmail. Now my seed phrase was lost after my notepad closed

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did you write the seed phrase down as instructed during the wallet creation ?
if you have the seed phrase it is a simple process follow the prompts recover account using seed phrase, If you dont have it written any where did you save it electronically on the the notepad some where. if not have a look in your down loads may be something there. this manual process is critical in case of this exact event. Meta mask can not access the private keys

No I was not able to write and placed it in the notepad however the notepad was closed and was not saved and nothing to be found in the downloads. Is there a process to retrieve it?

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I am also having this issue. I have a ZED racehorse in my Metamask wallet but am unable to access it because I have no idea what the recovery phrase is and no known way to recover my recovery phrase.

So have you sent any funds in the account if not start the process again.

During the set up process it tells you several times to write down the seed. If you have finished setting up the account and the systems crashed and you now have a new note pad you need to down load the app again and follow the prompt during the process it will mention recovering account using the seed

Have you lost your password and simply cant log on as you only use the seed to recover accounts.

Sadly i have ETH in that wallet :frowning: is there a chance that ronin or metamask create a recovery process?

The recovery phrase is created during the wallet creation phase of the account

Do you have a copy of your meta mask address with that Meta mask Mods may be able to help with a sufficient amount of ID

I have never heard of this being done post wallet creation though maybe you took a photo or screen shot of the seed phrase.

I am all out of suggestion hopefully this has not deturbed you from the amazing world of crypto I feel your pain, only way is forward, cant dwell on it, we all make mistakes and we earn from them cheers


I do not have my seed phrase written down. I do have all of my personal information and email account associated with my meta mask, but do not know how to contact the mods. This is upsetting but also my fault. I want to recover my Zed run racehorse.

Hey PJ, Meta mask make note during account set up that they do not keep private keys to accounts without your seed I think it a fait accompli sorry to say

is it possible there’s a seed phrase that’s 9 words? I have 9 words written and apparently there’s 12? I don’t understand. Also, I am not getting a password prompt, only a seed phrase recovery prompt. If I have the password and account #, why can’t I login?

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I also lost my seed phrase… How can i recover…?

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HELLO!!! Please answer

Hi @lolamichele MetaMask provides you with a unique 12-word Seed Phrase not 9 words.

Hi. Pls help. I have my seed phrase and account address but i don’t have the private key. How can I add my lost account? It’s not showing on the newly created accounts. Pls help

Same problem here i lost all of my ETH after recovering my wallet using seed phrase. I can still see my eth in etherscan

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