Lost sending coin out of BSC

I had some ETH that i converted to BSC through the BSC bridge. I had already setup a BSC network on MetasMask before the swap. The coin shows up as Binance-Peg Ethereum Token. I am still new to crypto so i’m wondering why it is not showng as BSC. On top of that i want to transfer this to TrustWallet but i need Gas which require ETH but can i have ETH on the BSC network. I’m really confused on how to proceed.
vlcsnap-2021-05-31-20h48m42s103 (2)
Sorry for blurry pictures.

Hi @GabeLogan you need some BNB to pay for gas on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Thanks for responding. Can i send bnb from crypto.com and my BSC in MetaMask will recognize it?

I not use crypto.com :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you must withdraw BNB with used BEP20 (BSC)

Would you mind giving me a quick step by step on what you mean exactly? Would be much appreciated.

What :upside_down_face: I’ll send you a private message.