Matic Main Eth. Network/ Matic Polygon Network

Hello dear support. Issue: Matic transfer from Android ( Main Eth. network) to Laptop Polygon Network.
There is no Polygon Network in my phone MM. I did fund from Coinbase and it is there in Main Eth. Network. It should go to Polygon Network. No problem by funding directly from Binance. In my laptop so I can directly connect.
I’m 61 years young. Like this world very much. But cannot solve this issue. So how I do transfer the Matic amount in my phone ( Main Eth. - there is no other choice) to my laptop Polygon? I,
t’s exactly the same wallet adress. Ethereum is equal both in my phone as laptop.
Kindly regards,

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Hello Albert @AlbertV when the ETH address is the same :thinking: use your laptop.

You will need some bridge :bridge_at_night: from ETH Mainnet to Polygon Network

For example: Umbria Narni Bridge :point_down: or Polygon Bridge

Read the article above :point_up_2: and watch somes videos on YouTube

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello dear Luigi,
Thank you so much! You’re answer is very helpfull! We are almost there!! I cannot do it from my laptop. When te Matic was there we had no problem. My android Samsung phone is telling there is no Metamask installed when I’m at the Umbria bridge website. Ofcourse there is! :wink: Why it’s not detected then?

When this is solved, I can fix it! Very good explain on You Tube! Thanks again,
Regards, Albert Visser

Hello Albert :slightly_smiling_face: did you say: It’s exactly the same wallet adress. Ethereum is equal both in my phone as laptop.

Change network on your Laptop to the network Ethereum Mainnet

Open click on fox :fox_face: icon

Dear Luigi…
Yesterday I was all day busy with Convoy Fryslan ( Netherlands) … It was GREAT! … But… I can tell you the good news! I did fix it!!! When you know how things work it 's not difficult, but this was a serious problem for me and thanks to you it is solved now!! Thank you very much again and we can close the case now! Goodluck!!
Kindly regards ,
Albert Visser ( Netherlands) … :wink: :smiley: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :+1:

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Nice :smiley: :+1: Good luck!