Matic sent to wallet still not showing after 3 days

Hello, i sent Matic from coinbase to metamask on sunday but it still hasn’t shown up. I have opened support tickets with metamask without response. I have only received 0.001 Matic since then.

My metamask address is 0xf9C46Aa609eF8230e156971fB7E18C2B003C605d

Txn 0x9ef0347814fc14a054e62bf6496b2d60685bd8aafefb06786d15f8e2a7b26ca0

I have only received 0.001 of my tokens so far…

Yes, unfortunately it hasn’t fixed the issue

Update! Issue solved. I reinstalled MetaMask entirely and now all of my tokens are available. If resetting doesn’t work try reinstalling!