Meta mask errors

:rotating_light: Only create new topics that are related to Developer Questions! :rotatihOW COME META MASK IS NEVER WORKING ON Crypto blades since July 2021?. I have moved most of my gaming NFTs from the bnb chain and still the bugs remain on that chain! even on other sites connectedd to bnb (bsc) the bugs continue. Is this chain not compatible with Meta Mask?ng_light:


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Not very familiar with that CryptoBlades, but BNB chain (formerly BSC) is an EVM compatible chain, so MetaMask supports it. We don’t control the BNB chain, just connect to it, so we don’t have control over any problems on the chain itself.

Reading through their documentation, it looks like Metamask should be fully supported by CryptoBlades.

Is there a specific issue I might be able to try and help you fix?

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