Metamask cannot be detected on firefox

i’m not sure what happened but suddenly all the website can’t detect the firefox on my firefox browser 111.0 (64-bit) on windows 11

have tried to install and uninstall but still not able to fix it. anyone has same issue ?


this happend randomly for me too, real bad

im using 5 (chrome edge ff brave opera, only happened with ff)


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Other extensions you have downloaded may be interfering with MetaMask. Try disabling them, here is more information on our Knowledge Base:



In case you have Phantom wallet extension installed on your browser, try disabling it (from the browser’s extension management) or update your Phantom.
I have encountered a similar issue and it got resolved after disabling the Phantom wallet.


thanks, confirm it’s the phantom wallet causing problem , after i disable it using the manage extension in firefox, my MetaMask can be detected by other dappps.

unfortunately, i’ve uninstall my MetaMask and need to now add back all the networks , does backing the data in MetaMask saves the network data ?


Glad that the issue got resolved.

Your account data is saved on the blockchain. Your MetaMask wallet is a tool to give you access to your account data on the blockchain. Therefore, even after reinstalling your MetaMask using the same Secret Recovery Phrase, you can have access to your account data. However, you may need to add the networks and the token contract addresses manually to be able to view them in your MetaMask. Please refer to the following links for further information.


yes, i know how to add token and custom network, but anyway to save & restore data for the network ? so i don’t need to add one by one or via chainlist


After installing your MetaMask wallet, click on the network dropdown menu and then click on “Add network” to see a list of popular custom networks. The list includes: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Palm.
The following post is related. It is live on both extension and mobile. Preconfigured network for Polygon - #112 by barbara


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