MetaMask community members

Hi everyone :wave: Sorry if this question is not allowed to be posted here - wasn’t entirely sure where to post it.
I just came along this amazing forum of yours and noticed that you have a group of awesome helpers called “Guide”. I’m curious what is takes to become a “Guide”? Do you have to apply somewhere or simply hop in and help out as much as possible? Appreciate any response/help. Thank you!!


Hi @2Cu4 !

Welcome to the MetaMask Community :fox_face: ! The Guides are a group of volunteer community members that provide support for the MetaMask community. The group has grown over-time with active members of the forum. More on this to come, but for now please feel free to post any questions you have or if you would like to, help answer questions as they pop up. Thanks!


Appreciate the reply (again!) :smiley: Will do my best to help out as much as possible. If I have any questions I’ll let you know. Thank you! :smiley: :fox_face:


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