MobyMask looks awesome? any way to participate as a reporter?

just saw this an hour ago (twitter/MetaMask/status/1592565662131445760), did check out, it will sure benefir most of ppl, but since, as for now, participation is invited only, how do i join then? or anything can i contribute?

asking for interaction with a new MetaMask/danfinlay app

TY !


Hey @SPONGKY, thanks for expressing the interest! It does indeed look awesome :slight_smile: :whale:

As for now you can check out and more information on opening up reporting to community members will be shared with any future updates! Some more information here:

While the initial version is a web of trust rooted within the MetaMask team (and reporters are invite-only, so there is currently no way for just anyone to start reporting), we aim to eventually allow users to subscribe to any number of roots of trust for reporting phishers, eventually allowing every user to be their own root of trust for sharing or sourcing phishing information, and eventually a similar system can work for verifying credible sources of other kinds of information, too (yes, that’s a big goal!).


Really would love this feature. Should be a no-brainer.


Hi there! I am Dyson ,I used to work for Tencent and make social online product strategy there.

MobyMask is a trust-based defensive network. It’s more effective using among a certain group in which members have the same potential risk. So this question may better be divided into two parts:

  1. Where and how to find teams or groups? There could be different groups to join even under the same goal like reporting phishers on twitter. MetaMask may operate the biggest group, but would not limit other group to exist. Furthermore , any group who want to use the source from MetaMask , could apply to be merged into it.

  2. How to get one’s membership? For example, I could submit an application if I don’t have a friend in that group to send me an invitation.

Then there comes another question “how to create a group?” . I think it is the key to energize the whole community. Moreover, “can I create a brand new root node without relating with any other groups?”. From the perspective of user who suffered phishers a lot , I think it is reasonable to start a node of his own as a personal database and can apply to be merged into another bigger group after approving by some conditions at anytime.

MobyMask is so cool !Wish one day everyone could easily find their defensive groups and get protected by each other.


More groups will exist in the future! MobyMask is in its early stages and the initial group is within the MetaMask team, but users will be able to form their own groups and join other groups in the future :slight_smile:

Membership is currently limited to invite-only, but as soon as more membership options are available in the future we will keep you updated!

Thanks for sharing your questions and input, you are definitely thinking along the right lines! We’re very excited to be opening this product up to the community in the near future :slight_smile:

For more information, you can check out the MetaMask blog post here:


Hey all! Thanks for your interest in MobyMask, I’m super happy that you’ve found us here!

  1. The system is very new/experimental right now, so today the MetaMask group is the only one, but the code is open source, and anyone could create a new one. I can’t recommend how to find new ones. There are also some changes we could make that are friendlier to being a member of multiple overlapping groups.
  2. Since this is a web of trust, any member is a potential way to gain membership. I don’t really have time to evaluate new people as members, but the Friends of Pooly organization has opened an application process to gain invitations from them.

Currently MobyMask is very much under community development. Laconic is working on making it so you a MobyMask watcher can run in-browser, and so that reports don’t need to be submitted to the blockchain (reduced tx cost). LxDAO is also currently doing a research sprint and looking at contributing to the outstanding product needs.

We still have a ways to go before MobyMask is keeping users safe:

  • Applications (like extensions) that help warn users when they encounter flagged entities.
  • More types of entity reports added to the app.
  • Better infrastructure for reviewing conflicting reports and revoking delegations in the case of disputes.

Those are all ways that I think we would welcome community contribution, so if any of those are ways you’re interested in contributing, head over to the MobyMask repository, fork it, and add one of those features!

For people who want to contribute by reporting, I recommend applying to DeFi Defenders for your membership.


Better infrastructure for reviewing conflicting reports and revoking delegations in the case of disputes

this will be challenging, when the ready version is out, some will soon use it against somebody for sure

anyway, much ty for info :saluting_face: (good question @dysoncool !)

ps. one case apparently happening right now is on clonex, many people later found out that they had bought a red-flagged one (due to delay report system on opensea)


Cool, thanks for sharing this information on the direction of improvement.


Thanks!The information you shared is so important. Last night we were having a discussion about what are the key issues and how to improve them. Now we are one step closer to our common goal.


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