Metamask consecutive txn

i did 3 txn on my metamask,
#1 to send token
#2 to approve smart contract permission
#3 to interact with the dapp

#1 one was send but i set a low gas fee , thus it is pending the gas to reach my gas fee. i forgot about it and proceed to do txn 2 and 3.

after that i speed up the txn for 1, after txn 1 is complete .

I also speed up txn 2 in metamask but when i click on txn 2 to look at the txn ,it just says “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash” in etherscan

Is there a problem if we queue 2 txn and then speed up the 1st txn ? can i still cancel the txn ?

edit: found out after the gas fee reach the value i set in the original txn , the txn was mined. pls remove this