Pending transaction It appears that this txn is taking longer than usual

Please help. Tried to send again with the same Nounce number that is pending (lowest)

edited gas fee to High
Set the Nonce to 2 (which is the one getting the error "it appears that this txn is taking longer than usual)
replacement transaction underprice is the error I’m getting.

Hi Support, for your assistance please.

Transaction hash : 0x4b0b156d3c582aa2a12b7e560217c25b1134e0391166e423af416b24591d34c8


Yes @Barhman from Metamask to Ronin wallet. But this Tnxn hash is sending to myself since it was stuck before. Anything else i can do?

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Cancel Pending Transactions


Ive done that already. Sent a 0 eth to my own account, increased gas fee to high and nonce to the one that is pending.

I hope Metamask support will be able to help me


Got the same problem, i did the same also sending my self 0 eth with the same nonce and it didn’t work. Please help

Hi, it now works for me. I just increase the Gas price! When I adjusted it previously, i did not click okay since it says im paying more. But i tried to click okay and it accepted it. Try it

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I already did that and it didn’t work for me.

If you have already tried sending yourself 0 ETH on the same nonce, try restarting your computer. I find that that can be a helpful “hard reset.”

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Send your txn hash screenshot and screenshot of you sending 0eth to it with the amount of gas price

I’ll send tomorrow ok… Thank you

Nope, please do not post a screenshot of your transaction or any other personal information. If you need to share private information it can be done through opening a support ticket in Zendesk


what should i do now? please help

Same Problem Help FAST
My transaction is only “waiting” (for now 4 Days) I cant break the transaction

my walled: 0x4d0094ded771871c9877616ca52dab69d3440eb5

Hel me Fast, i cant buy and sell on opensea.oi

Text their support @IT_Admn on Twitter or tweet them.