MetaMask disabled sending USDT to any other Ethereum wallet

So I’ve been trying to send USDT to another Eth address. I’m using Firefox v92.0 with MacOS Catalina. MetaMask Extension: 10.0.3

Does this seem to be a bug that was recently introduced?
I’ve been able to do this in the past, but not sure why this is happening since yesterday.
I thought It might be to insufficient balance in ETH so I sent more ETH but still both options MAX and Send buttons are still disabled.
I have seen other posts having the same issue. At this point, It doesn’t matter if the destination wallet is an exchange or your own.
Could you acknowledge this is a bug on your end?


Two updates I saw.
1- For Chrome, there is a new release 10.1.0
2- For Firefox, we’re still at 10.0.3 however, after restarting firefox and computer, It seems the Max and Send buttons are working again. I was about to start looking at the source code to find any hints, but so far It seems It should work again.