Metamask ETH to BSC bridge error

Hello I have used eth to bsc bridge over Pancakeswap. 1.322.76 usdt has been withdrawn from my MEtamask wallet. The money withdrawn was sent to = 0x2c1df2e7c56853f498aa631a300a80ff249345fc. When I looked later, the money was not reflected in my bsc wallet and the order was canceled. bscbridge order ID: e2518b01cbd741d6b9ebee1722d91c31
Couldn’t get my money My money stays at this address = 0x2c1df2e7c56853f498aa631a300a80ff249345fc
I contacted Binance. But they did not give an answer.

tx: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

My eth address used for operation (ETH to): 0x65a2dEb68928A79F6165986CB76d4098061051eB
my destination address: 0x15dAD88F3802fAF7c5D32a4B403Fec9B26cD148C