MetaMask Excessive Power Consumption | iOS 16.5 - iPhone 12 Pro Max

Running MetMask browser with less than 20 tabs is causing the iPhone to warm up to a degree the back of the iPhone is almost hot to the touch. As an Apple Senior Support Advisor I can say no application is supposed to utilize more than 29% power consumption in a 24hr period or more. This was the only place I could find relevant to post this kind of issue. Protocol at Apple dictates to delete from App Switcher and/or delete app and reinstall as well as make sure device is up to date and app is up to date.


  • turned off device and turned back on >> issue persists

  • removed from App Switcher >> issue persists

  • device is up to date


I will report back changes made and outcome.

Sent you a DM, take a look when you get the chance :slight_smile:

I have learned that when I am not on Wi-Fi, and using the cellular modem, is when it would overheat the phone. Even still, it is using more than 29% battery life. I have an update for iOS 16.5.1 and will test another 24hrs. Then I will attempt deleting the MetaMask app and report back


  • Swapped between 5G and Wi-Fi >> heat dissipates + power consumption stays above 29%

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