MetaMask mobile really needs improvement

First of all, I love MetaMask. Especially on CHrome macOS.
But the mobile iOS app is so so badly done. I have a couple of wallets, some rpcs and visit uniswap and nft pages. Sometimes I want to snipe an nft and I’d need a fast popup and confirmation. Tho ats where it starts. Pop-ups can take up to 2 minutes. And ofte. They show no gas estimate before another minute. Pages won’t load sometimes especially 5g lte. I have fast wifi and 5g so no that’s not the issue. It’s also not my phone (13 pro max) and I had it on 3 phones already. App is updated.
After a few mins my screen goes darker which is bc overheating soc. only MetaMask causes this.
I’m no dev but in these mobile times I think you need to step up and finally fix / rewrite this app.

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Hello @knuppelhout, welcome back!

Have you tried reinstalling the app? Also, how many accounts do you currently have in your MetaMask wallet? Haven’t seen or heard such issues from others who have the app on an iOS device.


This is very strange, my application works very fast, maybe you use VPN services?


No vpn. Also not the apple built in one. And even then: why would my phone become so hot? It’s not like I’m doing all sorts of complicated things.

There might be apps running in the background, without your knowledge, interfering with MetaMask processes, leading to an erroneous conclusion that MetaMask app is to blame. What you described happening with your phone is not normal. You could try doing a reset of your iOS device and just reinstalling and running MetaMask wallet app and checking if it behaves the same as before, for a while, before installing anything else you had previously installed.


Yeah whatever. No other app whatsoever does this but ofcourse I have to swipe and reinstall my entire phone. I had this with my previous two iPhones too. I don’t have any secret apps running in the background. Apple closes those in the background automatically when it takes too much ram or cpu time.

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I’m trying to come up with explanations on what the issues might be, since i personally haven’t witnessed such big issues ever before.

From what i can see in your past topic, your issue was the same, but you also added that you have some apps installed that may actually interfere with your experience when using MetaMask.

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By now I reinstalled my iPhone completely already. If I search the forum I see similar issues. The mm app just seems very ram hungry and cpu intensive without really doing much. Using a vpn makes it worse but I never use that combo

Hello @knuppelhout , what is the model of mobile device and the version you use to access your metamsk wallet

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