My mobile browser not loading pages, doesn’t work

Hi, I have two iPhones. One works fine with mm mobile, pages sometimes load slowly or the entire app crashes but at least it’s something when you’re away from a pc. Thing is: this is the old phone I wanted to replace.
My newer iPhone 13 pro max has been giving issues.
Latest version mm and iOS.
When I open the browser I can enter an address but nothing ever happens. Like a dns error. I think for half a second something opens but then it’s blank again as if I never entered an address. It does suggest addresses like filling out if I start with open…. To
Reset settings, nothing.
Only thing I can think of is that my job requires Citrix mobile workspace apps and I think that installed some profiles in settings, similar to a vpn but just different. If I uninstall this profile I won’t be able to login to my work email etc so I can’t. But I also want MetaMask to function. How to go about this?

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