Metamask gas fees are showing too high

Hello on the MetaMask when someone tried to buy my listed NFTs from the OpenSea, gas fees showing too high. Items price is 1.58$ but gas fees showing 20$ on the MetaMask. How can i fix this?

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Hi what network are you using, are you developing or just using the wallet?

Hi, using the ethereum , i just selling my NFT items on the marketplaces in low price like a 1.6$ but when someone tried buy at this price but it shows 20$ gas fees. I wonder why it’s showing such a high price almost 10times

gas price depends on the network usage there is nothing we can do about it please try again later it would be great to watch: 7 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

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hi. In addition to 0xroosh’s answer, I would like to add a few thoughts.

You can try to buy this NFT with your other wallet to see if the gas is as high.

  • If not, it may be that this user’s gas settings always use the highest level.
  • If yes, you can contact opensea’s support team.
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