Metamask hacked dont know how

My wallet was hacked and i dont know how.
I need help figuring this out.
I created a new wallet however they are a few items in the compromised one.

This morning i decided to install the metamask app on my ipad.

I downloaded the app and imported by manually typing out the key.

I tried syncing with the desktop first but it didnt work.

When i tried to use apeswap in the IOS browser it said something about helper not found.

I then decided to use my android phone as i had installed metal mask and imported my account months prior.

I realized there was a dApp browser built into the app so i used that to do my transaction on Apeswap.

Hours later i saw that i received a large amount of USD but i didnt know from where.

I started getting nervous when i saw that my tokens were gone and so was the USDT.

By the time i realized what happened all my tokens of value were swap for USDT and BNB on uniswap & pancake swap.

Is any help available i need to move my NFTs.

I am afraid to put any bnb or eth in the compromised wallet as i am concerned they are being monitored.

One interesting thing. All the transactions showed up on my phone. none on the desktop or the ipad.

I have since removed the ipad and android metamask.


Nothing came out of this right?