Metamask have bug?

Is metamask have bugs? The address that i had send i cannot see in the etherscan but it is the address that i have in my wallet this sucks. Is there also a support? All i see is a lot of scammer in here in the community asking many information regarding on the account.

Hi @graft ,

this is a community forum, so most people here are just Metamask users willing to help. There are a lot of scammers around also, a lot of them are telling you to contact a WhatsApp number to try to talk to you privately to scam you, never contact those WhatsApp numbers.

Also never give out your private key or secret recover passphrase, no one needs to know it except you.

If we ask for information to know what is going on we will ask for public wallet address or transaction hash, to be able to check what is going on.

With that said, you mean your wallet address that appears on Metamask:
^ This one. Doesn’t appear in Etherscan??

If you don’t feel comfortable getting help from the community, you can submit a ticket from Metamask Support, but they might take a while to respond,

you can get to the support page directly from Metamask:

and submit a ticket there.

Hi bro…thank you very much for the help…i can see my public address in etherscan but the txid/txhash i cannot see. The public address for my account is also same with my acount. The below txid is the info


Public address:

you cannot see in Etherscan, because you sent it through BSC Network. You sent BNB from Binance using BEP20. Check it in the BSCScan(dot)com:

Your BNB are on BSC Network. By defect Metamask is on the Ethereum Network, so you cannot see BNB. You need to add the BSC network to Metamask to see it.

I cannot include links on the posts, but search on this forum: How to Add Custom Networks To MetaMask, and you will find a tutorial on how to add the BSC network and see your BNB.

They are there, don’t worry, you just cannot see them right now:

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Thank you very much bro…i will check…

I cannot do manual input of RPC there are only this 4 network

go to the settings, networks, and push the ADD network button


I found already…thank you very much for all the help

Thank you very much bro i see it already…i can add more now…thank you

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i only received 2.39 bnb for the amount of 46,908 php it should nbe 3. something bnb is there a problem with your conversion today? how can i get the missing almost .7bnb?

Hi @ambet , do you have the transaction hash of your swap? where did you do the swap?
This has more to do with the exchange that made the swap than Metamask, also check if the Token has a selling fee or buying fee, depending on different tokens they have different tokenomics, also there is the issue with slippage, if there is little liquidity in the swap, the price might go up a lot during the transaction and you get less tokens. All this has nothing to do with the wallet, and everything to do with the trade, and the exchange.