MetaMask + Ledger on Liunx: no working solution


After the infamous Chrome 91 there seems to be no working solution to use MM with Ledger in Linux. Proposed Ledger Live bridge doesn’t work in Linux (“The workaround implemented by MetaMask doesn’t work for users on Linux. We are currently working on a fix which will be communicated soon.”) and Firefox was never able to find my Ledger (so I got stuck with Chromium based solutions). I was able to workaround with older version of Brave but had to update and this stopped working either. I actually feel like Linux users are somewhat abandoned as it seems that no one is actively looking into this.

Also I don’t understand why only Metamask is facing this problem. Wallets for other chains (Kepir, polkadot.js, Terra Station, Phantom) never had an issue including after Chrome 91.

So is there smth I missing, so Linux specific workaround?