Metamask Mobile consistently losing Account names

Installed Metamask Mobile v2.1.3 (53) on Google Pixel 3 running latest update of Android 11.

Syncing the mobile app to the browser-based extension at first shows all my accounts with their assigned names (mobile account names match the extension).

But when I next login to the mobile app, all my account names are displayed as generic Account 1, Account 2, … The account names are unchanged in the extension.

If I delete the mobile app, re-install, and re-sync to the extension, all the account names again match those set in the extension. Until I exit the app; when I next login to the app, all the account names are back to the generic Account 1, etc. Checking with the extension shows that I still have my descriptive account names in the extension.

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I have been using Metamask for a little while too. I emailed support several times. It seems they dont exist, never had a response to any of my emails regarding issues like this.

I have the same issue, my mobile app has the Account1, my brave Ext has been renamed and I added a 2nd account. Has not updated on the mobile app after 7 days.

Maybe the 2nd account needs to be funded, do you have funds in your 2nd account?

This community also does not appear to be able to help either, you have not had one suggestion in over a month…

Only suggestion i have for you is to email their support if you have not already.

Good Luck

All accounts are funded, no response from support ever. I’ve deleted the app from my mobile as a lost cause, only use the browser extension now.