Mobile wallet and Chrome extension show different names and won't let me import my nft's

I’d like a little advice, or even just pointing in the right direction from someone who’s been using Metamask for a while…

I’ve set up my Metamask account and am using the Chrome extension. In the extension I see my account name, details and ETH balance, however when I setup the mobile wallet using the security phrase it show’s the account name as ‘Account 1’.

This is a problem as I’d like to add the nft’s I’ve created on OpenSea to my wallet, and when I try to add the nft (using the contract address + Token ID) it says it can’t add them as I’m not the owner…??
I’m obviously doing something wrong, but try as I might I just can’t figure it out.

BTW, if it’s not obvious, I’m new to Metamask, so apologies for the noob question/problem (I have searched the forum but can’t find the answer…)

Hey @Jungens, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

No need to apologize about noob questions, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

You most likely just inputted the wrong Secret Recovery Phrase on your mobile app.

Here’s some more info on our Knowledge Base on common mistakes:

Hope this helps!

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@nakedwinnie, thanks so much for the pointers :slight_smile:

So, here’s the weird thing, when I use the Metamask Chrome extension, or indeed a tab, I see my account name, an orange icon, my account balance etc…
However, when I view the app, I see a green icon (obviously not a huge deal, just odd), but instead of my name it says ‘Account 1’, and as far as the account balance, I see the exact same balance, down to the 5th decimal place, also the big long combination of letters and numbers under my name (not sure what’s that called ) on both the extension and the app are the same…

I did try deleting the account on the app and setting it up again, but maybe I did something wrong…I’ll try and again and see how I get on…

Ok, so I’ve deleted the wallet, in fact I deleted the whole app and reinstalled it.
I hooked up the wallet to my account again, using the Secret Security Phrase, and it shows the same…! Account 1, different icon, but exact same balance…allbeit in US dollars, not GBP (I live in the UK)

There’s a couple of other strange elements, in that on the App it gives me two accounts (‘Account 1’ and ‘Account 2’), not sure if this is normal…??
Also, if, on the app, I use the QR code scan feature, in the top right corner and scan the QR code found by (on the Chrome extension) clicking the three dots, then ‘Account details’, it takes me, in the app, to a ‘Send to’ screen, where the ‘From’ field shows ‘Account 1’, with my account balance, and the ‘To’ field is the same ‘Account 1’…not sure if that’s anything or not, or whether that’s normal…

Any thoughts or pointers would be hugely appreciated… :slight_smile: