Chrome extn and wallet show different names, but the balance and id...?

I’d like a little advice, or even just pointing in the right direction from someone who’s been using Metamask for a while…

I’ve set up my Metamask account and am using the Chrome extension.
In the extension I see my account name, details and ETH balance, however when I setup the mobile wallet using the security phrase (I’ve double checked this, as well as deleted the wallet, and even the app) however it show’s the account name as ‘Account 1’.

This is a problem as I’d like to add the nft’s I’ve created on OpenSea to my wallet, and when I try to add the nft (using the contract address + Token ID) it says it can’t add them as I’m not the owner…??
I’m obviously doing something wrong, but try as I might I just can’t figure it out.

I had asked this in the ‘new to Meta Mask’ thread, but it didn’t get any traction, thought I’d throw the net a bit wider…

When you recover your MetaMask wallet with its Secret Recovery Phrase, the same accounts are restored, but the names may be reset to their default names. You can easily change your account names in the wallet, see here for more info:

For the issue with OpenSea, make sure you are using the same address you are trying to add the NFT to, and if you still need support contact them here:


Hey @nakedwinnie, thanks for replying (again :).
It’s all fixed, but not as I thought it would - thought I’d show you the courtesy of providing you an update…

I’m not quite sure what happened, but before renaming my wallet account name, as you suggested, I thought to try one last time to import my NFT’s (there’s only 10 at the mo), to see what would happen, and…it worked!
And more than that, it imported the remaining 9 even though I didn’t initiate the import…??

My wallet is still called ‘Account 1’, which I’ll change shortly, but, do you think it could be that the Eth blockchain hadn’t quite caught up when I was trying to import them previously??
I’m wondering that because OpenSea are offering free minting, that perhaps my NFT’s were stuck in a long, long cue…?