Restored desktop extension using seed phrase different account showing

I used my secret seed phrase and restored my MM desktop extension but my main account is not showing correctly. It shows the same public address as my main account but has upper case letter in some of the letters when they should be all lower case. This is making my MM desktop account unrecognizable to my open sea account. I double checked the seed phrase on my MM mobile and I am 100% sure I’m putting in the correct seed phrase. Also, my MM mobile has the correct wallets and information it’s just my desktop extension that is showing incorrect information. The total balances are all off as well in my desktop extension appose to my mobile app. Can someone please help me?

Hey @hyun305, welcome to the MetaaMask community! :fox_face:

Is it the same wallet address, regardless of upper or lower case letters? If so, it is the correct wallet. You will need to add custom networks and custom tokens again, which may be the cause of any confusion with your mobile device.

@nakedwinnie - Yes it is the same wallet address just lower and upper case differences but why can’t I see my NFTs and why are my fund balances different?

Can you direct me how to add custom networks and custom tokens?

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base on adding custom networks and tokens:

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