MetaMask not showing on iCloud storage

After I saw that someone had their assets stolen because of their iCloud being hacked, I rushed to disable MetaMask from getting backed up.
Unfortunately, although I read many articles, saw videos, and even read the announcement from MetaMask on how to disable it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Is there a reason why I don’t see it?

Thank you in advance

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Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

To disable iCloud backups for MetaMask do as follows:
Settings > Profile > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.
Under Backups, click on iPhone (this iPhone) ----> There you can find your MetaMask App and can disable the iCloud backup for MetaMask.
Hope that helps.


That indeed helped! Thank you a lot!


I am glad that it helped. Thanks for letting us know.


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