Lost seed phrase but have backup from before app crashed

Hey all, I was wondering if it’s possible to access the files I need from my iCloud backup. A month ago my metamask had the data corrupted due to storage limit reached error but my iPhone backed up the night before via iCloud. I tried using the vault decryptor on the current Metamask data but it’s corrupted and doesn’t show a keyring object. I am trying to get the data Metamask backed up on my iCloud on my iPhone the night before the crash but can’t find any way to access the app files from the back up. Are you able to help me at all or am I screwed. This is literally the last hope of getting my seed phrase back.

I think if you have Time Machine on your iPhone you can retrieve your backed-up files on iCloud and possibly access the vault file.

Hope this helps, keep me updated!

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I don’t have time machine on my iPhone, I just have the last iCloud backup

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You have the backup, but you’re having trouble accessing the files from iCloud backup? Am I correct in understanding?

Are they in the Files app on your iPhone?

Yes that is correct. The problem is I made a backup (on my computer separate from the one iCloud made the morning before this happened) and the files were already corrupted so when I look at the keyring controller there’s no object behind it. I try to extract the app info it backed up on iCloud before the crash but there’s no way to extract the app data it made the morning before from the iCloud backup on the phone. I am wondering if there’s a app or way to get the files from that backup so hopefully there not corrupted and I can use the vault decryptor with that info.

The files may be accessible through the Files app, I would try looking into third-party apps that can allow you to access the iCloud backup.

The files app doesn’t let you see the persist root file you need and it only shows the current app data on my phone. That’s what I’m trying to do right now, most the apps I’ve looked at only let me recover photos and messages and such from the back up. Was hoping maybe somebody new of a app or service that allows me access into the files on the back up.