Vault recovery on mobile devices

My phone battery died over the weekend and when I tried to enter MM it said:

" Metamask encountered an error due to reaching a storage limit. The local data has been corrupted. Please reinstall Metamask and restore with your seed phrase. "

I entered what I thought was the MM seed phrase but it just goes to an empty eth wallet.

I am not removing and reinstalling the app. No way.

I want to use the ios mobile files for vault recovery.

When will this be possible?

Hello. You’ll need to restore your wallet using your phrase.

Perhaps it wasn’t clear but I think I have the wrong seed phrase, and therefore no longer have the correct phrase.

Like the title suggests, I’m hoping I can do a vault recovery using the (corrupted) ios files.

Same problem here … Devs is there any chance to use vault recovery on mobiles ? There has to be a way to use metamask files installed on the phone either to fix the app without removing it or to recover seed phrase ???

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I dare not follow the instructions in the app (wipe the wallet and start with the seed phrase).

For me it is just too risky.

I have a back up of my phone, which includes the app files of meta mask.

I want to use these “corrupted” app files to restore my mobile on my wallet.