iOS - Metamask Local Data has been corrupted

On the Metamask Mobile app I have been logging in with biometrics/FaceID.

After updating iOS to 14.5 the Metamask - FaceID only leads to the login page. When I try to login with the Password it says the ‘Data corrupted because of storage limit message’ -

I don’t have the Seed Phrase and unsure if I set an actual password along with FaceID.

If I did I am sure i will remember it eventually but can’t test this due to the error.

What are my options to restore login with FaceID as before without the Seed Phrase on metamask mobile?

Hello, @Metaddv ! Welcome to the community! Ultimately, the only way to restore your account is with your 12 word seed phrase (secret recovery phrase). With this error, I would have suggested for you reinstall the app, however, it will ask you to add the secret recovery phrase. We can only urge you to save somewhere safe from now on.

Why is this an acceptable answer? Is there no one at MetaMask that can help us in need? The IOS app has locked hundreds of people out and locked millions of dollars on the blockchain. Who at MetaMask can help?