MetaMask not working for days


I use the MetaMask browser extension with a Trezor Hardware wallet. After almost daily use for months w/ hundreds of successful transactions, I have not been able to get any transactions to go through for a few days now.

At first, when I submitted a transaction on Matic, for example, I’d get sent to the Trezor page w/ a spinning wheel but the authentication/login would never pop up. Now, after trying on a new MetaMask wallet, I started getting this error message:

Transaction failed with the reason: Error: Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given: 0x095ea7b30000000000000000000000008dff5e27ea6b7ac08ebfdf9eb090f32ee9a30fcf0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.000000000000480ebe7c

I’ve tried multiple wallets, browsers, clearing my cache, reseting my MetaMask wallet, restarting, etc. - nothing is working. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.