Metamask on PS not reflecting whats on metamask phone

Hey there

please assist…

I have a metamak installed on my phone and I can see all my tokens and there respective ‘balances’ ($)

I just installed same MetaMask account into my PC using the 12 phrase and set up the SAME account i have on phone. ( the account number is identical)

I chose the correct Network and imported all the tokens

HOWEVER, the token balacne ($) I have in these token accounts do not populate? they all showing ZERO balance

even after refreshing multiple times and even setting up 'auto detect ’

Even tho it is showing in the phone wallet it is not showing in the PC wallet?

your help in much appreciated


Hello @user19881, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Please refer to the following article:

Let us know in case you need further assistance.


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