Metamask password issues

Hello again! I logged into my MetaMask account on the PC, and thereby changed the password. On the computer. The new password works fine, there are no errors. But on the phone it says that the password is incorrect, although I enter everything exactly. I can’t reinstall because I have several accounts, I can’t make a private key, because of a password problem, what should I do? Tell me please. you will help a lot!


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Maybe this article will help Passwords and MetaMask

in the last part it says: “if you use different passwords for each instance (Mobile, Extension, Extension on different computers), you need to remember which password you used for each instance.” That means you can have one password for the MetaMask mobile app and a different one for the browser extension, even though it is the same wallet.


Hello, as someone else said already, the password is not linked to the account/wallet but to the device you are using. You can have a different password for both the phone and computer and both will access the same account

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