Probably a dumb password thing but maybe bug?

Hey community!
Please don’t dismiss this as a “forgot my password plz help” thing
Nice to meet you all,
So something strange happened when i updated my password last night, i updated it on my browser extension and it is telling me that i am putting in the incorrect password. However when i enter it on my mobile it logs in no problem with the new updated password.
i contacted support and spoke with “Astro” ( they were very helpful) but in the end we both agreed that what was happening is strange.
i understand that the passwords would be different on both the mobile and the browser when updating on one, however i am now effectively locked out of my browser as even the old password doesn’t work.
Don’t worry i have my seed phrase i can recover no problem, just wanted to bring this to the attention of team also wondering if this is a bug if theres some kind of bounty :wink: ? This could be potentially harmful being that users could get locked out of their accounts due to an error with metamask password system


Out of curiosity, do both wallets load the same addresses and tokens as each other?

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