Metamask problems with just one wallet of 3

im getting problems for a while in just one of my wallets
issues include failed swaps and transfers on MM , failed approvals on uniswap
it fails before any gas is taken
it is a newish wallet with only a few incoming transactions and none outgoing
never had any issues with older wallets like this
could you help solve problem
thanks in advance

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Hello and welcome back to the MataMask community,

  1. Make sure that both your MetaMask wallet and the browser (in case you are using an extension) are up to date.
  2. Please specify on which networks you are encountering the issue.
  3. Use another legit RPC.

Please do what have been suggested above and let us know how it goes so that we can better assist you.


both walllet and browser are up to date
problem is with eth network as it is only one im using with this wallet
im using the same RPC as other wallets and they work fine -is there any others i can use ?


If the issue is not related to the RPC, the slippage and/or the low gas fee may be the cause to fail a transaction. Please refer to the following links for more information.

Hope that helps.


tried increasing gas and gwei -transaction failed the same way -before gas was taken
slippage isnt an issue i dont think as its failing before gas is taken

I suggest you to install the same wallet on another browser or change the RPC URL. In similar cases I could resolve the issue by changing the RPC or installing the same wallet again. Always make sure to back up the Secret Recovery Phrase.


where do u get different legit RPC ? thanks

You can get the RPC from chainlist .org (please remove the space I inserted in the link). For example, the green ones in the attached image are usually good. It is also good to do a research after deciding which one to use.

Please use the link. The image is attached as an example.

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have found solution that wallet was connected to ledger i had forgot i had and i was using wrong ledger
thanks for help

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Hi, Thanks for letting us know.

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