Metamask showing weird numbers

My metamask is acting weird at times , displaying a balance that is 10x what i should b having in my wallet, but after a minute or so , the number drops . Also the number of Saitama coins is increasing on it’s own, nothing dramatic but i am starting to wonder what the hell is going on. Would really appreciate any help.:pray::pray:

It may be that the token you are referring to is a rebase token, meaning that its supply changes.

Here’s some more info on our Knowledge Base:

Yes ur right Seems Saitama does that.but i am having another issue now, i am trying to add a token , i was able to add it to my metamask , but on ipone it is not showing even thought i am importing using the same address i used. Tgank agsin!!

Make sure you’re also on the right network and same address on your phone.

Here’s some more info on our Knowledge Base:

Hi! Thanks i made sure i am on the same ethereum mainet network. I am trying to import Elon. I am entering the contract address , metamask automatically dispkays ELON but when i click import , the token is not beeing added . I tried with shib sane thing. Even though on my other phone it is working well.

Sorry to hear the issue still persists :frowning:

If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team here: and click Start a Conversation

They will be with you as soon as they can.