Metamask shows 0 Balance although transaction is on BSCscan

Hi there,

I have just transferred some USDT from Binance to my MetaMask Wallet. The transaction went through, it is visible on BSCscan. BSCscan additionally shows the correct Metamask balance for USDT.
However, when I open my Metamask, it shows a USDT-balance of ZERO. When I connect to the Sparkpoint Swap site, the swap interface tells me I have a balance of around 100 USDT, excactly the amount I sent. I can add this in the drop down menu and I would like to swap it to bSRK. Strangely enough, then I get the message, insufficient liquidity!??! Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

Note: I just added the Binance-peg USDT-token as a custom token. Now it appears in the wallet. So I ask myself now, is it NOT possible to swap the Binance-peg USDT-token on SparkSwap??

I have the same problem and would like an update.

Hi! Today I transferred from my Binance account to my Metamask wallet but uploaded the Ethereum network ID and did it through BSC. The operation, for some reason, was completed successfully but in Metamask my balance is 0. What should I do, the Binance toen came out but they are not in Metamask, I am desperate!

I’ve had this issue too - how did you resolve it?