Missing Cryptocurrencies

I first want to say that I’m very pissed off,I lost all my Cryptocurrencies that was in MetaMask.I lost millions, billions and trillions of Cryptocurrencies. They were there one day,gone the next. All but the Ethereum I bought. The thing is,when I log in to MetaMask. And click on Etherscan, it shows all my transactions. And all my account details. But not in the MetaMask app. I’m very hurt because I thought MetaMask was a good app. And I withdrew 128 million Shiba Inu Coins from KUCOIN,to the address that was on the MetaMask app. And I never received them. Everything I was saving to get wealthy, is gone.

Hello. Can you share your public address to check ? When check etherscan is it there or sent out ?

Hi,I want you to know that I was able all my Cryptocurrencies, by the custom token feature. But, I can’t see my total on 2 Cryptocurrencies. I really appreciate it. Also, can I cash out my Cryptocurrencies if I win big on investing. Because I’m in New York State, the United States. God Bless!

You’ll need to restore your wallet to see then remaining 2 tokens. Kindly provide your public address

Hi, American Shiba and Newinu doesn’t show the total I’m investing. But the other 3 Cryptocurrencies do. Can you help!

Kindly share your wallet address to check

Hi there, I’m also having the same issue with my Metamask account. The BNB I have was transferred to other account which I did not allowed to process. That’s my only starting investment and I trusted Metamask for this believing that your system is secured. I did not share any of my credentials or even use a different browser as I am aware of some phishing sites. I have the Metamask bookmarked and the blockchain game My Defi Pet I’m playing saved on this Google Chrome Browser so I’m very 100% sure that I did nothing wrong. Please help me reverse the transaction back cuz this really hurts me a lot. This is my only investment to start my blockchain game. Please please help…

My Metamask address:

Ok,thank you!
It’s 0x24FA174e8525fb0AB1424E27F5303B9038ACb62E

You will be required to restore and reset your wallet

I’m afraid to Uninstall the MetaMask app. And download. And install it again. I lost everything when I did that. And I had to add all my Cryptocurrencies through custom tokens.

Hi, I was wondering if I make a decent profit, can I withdraw the funds? Is this allowed in New York State, the United States.

Yes of course. You should be able to use withdraw your profit.

Thank you! Appreciate the help.
What do I have to do to have the other Cryptocurrencies to show up in MetaMask?

Please help me to recover my eth, i dont know what happen? I am new in metamask…i sent to roninbridge and it success but i didn’t recieve in my ronin acct

Metamask wallet: 0x5C91B931D841A561Eb98fb9D9345100b5dCC7D32

Ronin wallet: ronin:b31fd35a1560b8229f7d23ad2b5bce994918760c

Contract address: 0x1A2a1c938CE3eC39b6D47113c7955bAa9DD454F2

Transaction hash: 0xe0af6865cdfa099c3f40026b5b025fecd5373f83dbe3fdab5c9115bbdacff0c8