Missing Tokens after a restore due to password issues

I downloaded the mobile app and bought some ETH. I traded most of the ETH for dogelon mars tokens. I signed out and back in a couple times to check. The next day I went to log in and had to restore my account because I forgot my password. I restored using seed phrase and I only have the minimal amount of ETH that I had left. All of my dogelon coins have disappeared. I have made multiple new accounts and imported that account. The transaction shows in my recent transaction folder…but it only shows the ETH going out. etherscan.io shows my transactions in greater detail. Any ideas how i can get my dogelon coins back?

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Be sure to add the custom token back to your wallet. When you restore a wallet, you also need to update all of the settings and preferences.

I had the same issue however solved the problem. After you logged in with ur new password you need to import your private key and then add the token contracts again. So I hope for you guys you have your private key otherwise your assets are not retrievable…