Missing tokens after swap

I Did a swap of ETH for TLM using changelly exchange platform. Changelly gave me the transaction complete confirmation but ~12 hours later my TLM wallet in MetaMask still shows a balance of zero. Changelly support has replied with " As for your transaction, it’s finished, here is the hash: bscscan-com/tx/0xa5d72402d62a302658c17f60882a6116d92c12ac99b8d30785cb6f8963db3f80 " Using my MetaMask public address on etherscan however, the last transaction to see is the ETH going out for the swap, no TLM going in. Can anybody tell me what the heck happened to the TLM? TIA

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It looks like TLM was sent to address 0xab4b9ba8e7669baa946a38f4a2e51532667f4a4c and there is TLM in that address.

From the transaction hash you have sent me, it also looks like it was not a swap but a transfer from Binance. Please make sure you have your MetaMask wallet configured for BSC and that you are on the correct address. Afterwards, import TLM into your wallet.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Thank you so much for your reply!

So I followed the directions and now have both Binance Smart Chain and Binance Smart Chain Mainnet as network options. Both show balances of zero BNB.

My Etherium Mainnet still lists TLM as an asset w zero tokens in the wallet.

Is there is something more I need to do to configure MetaMask for BSC than following the instructions in the link you give?

The correct address is the same as I have been using in all my other transactions with Etherium Mainnet, no?

How am I to import the TLM? I have no idea where they are…

Thank you for your help so far!


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The correct address should be the address the XLM was transferred to. Once on BSC, you can import the TLM token.

Here is how to import a token on our Knowledge Base:

Ok, I;m guessing by XLM you mean the ETH I swapped thru Changelly to get TLM? So I sent the ETH to changelly within their trading platform from my MetaMask. I’m not sure how I would recover that address.

I’m a bit new at this so when you say " Once on BSC, you can import the TLM token. " I am not sure what you are saying. I have the TLM token in the list of tokens that are my assets on the Etherium Mainnet option in my MetaMask. Unlike my other tokens wich show the holding, the TLM is 0 (zero) tokens held. Now, are you telling me to switch to Binanace Mainnet in my Meta Mask Wallet and import the TLM token there?


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OK, I went ahead and tried just that, imported TLM token within BSC in my Meta Mask and the asset appeared once the token was imported to the BSC - Binanace Smart Chain in the network options list in MetaMask.

So problem solved, all my tokens are there, I just have change networks now and then look at assets to see them. MetaMask doesn’t give an overall view of all your assets in all internal networks as far as I can see. That would be a nice feature, show all assets and indicating their residing networks as a one-click option.

Thanks for your assistance nakedwinnie!

Cheers! Bill.

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