Custom token and network added but token missing

I wanted to send XLM tokens from Binance to my Metamask wallet on the BSC network.

I had already added the BSC network and received other custom tokens in this wallet, so I am confident of the BSC network settings.

I added the custom token contract for XLM from bscscan.

The token was recognised by Metamask with the correct token symbol and decimal places appearing automatically.

I sent a small test amount of XLM from Binance to my Metamask address on the BSC. The transaction was successful, and can be found on bscscan.

However, the XLM tokens have not appeared in my Metamask wallet.

I searched the forums and found pages, but they only refer to the network and token settings.

I understand that my wallet contains the tokens but they are just not appearing. How can I get them to appear?


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I have found two contract addresses:

I had the first added to my custom tokens, however the tokens from binance have appeared in my account under the second.