Missing Transaction: Sollet (Solana) to Metamask (Ethereum)

I used Sollet to send Solana-wrapped ETH (SPL-ETH) to Metamask (Ethereum Network) using Sollet’s built-in bridge function. But I initiated the transaction before I had any ETH in my Metamask wallet, not realizing I needed it for gas on the receiving end. While the Solana-half of the transaction shows on Solana Explorer, I see no transaction on the Etherscan side.

I’ve since sent some ETH (from another Ethereum wallet) to my Metamask, hoping this would retroactively cover the gas needed. This bit of ETH shows up in my account on Etherscan, but doesn’t show on Metamask.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can unbungle this?


same my problem, how was your fix?

same my problem, how was your fix?