Missing WETH from metamask to Ronin Wallet

@StopMi2 ok check my profile

How would you do that please help me

Sir, please help me i did the same what you did how can i recover my lost eth please help me :sob::pray::sob:

Hmm :thinking: Hi @Kennedy this :point_down: is not your ronin address?

You used a MetaMask address instead of a ronin address?

Yeah that ronin is not mine. But i am the one who transfer money with that acc. Wait i will inform the owner of that acc. Please help us sir to recover our eth :pray::sob:

@Kennedy this is your MetaMask address? :point_down:



I’m waiting and waiting… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: when you have seed from the address 0xE2…0787 :point_down: use it in ronin wallet…

How can we recover it sir?

After doing it what should be the next procedure sir?

Sir thank you. you are the blessing of GOD. i already recover it.

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@Kennedy hehe :sweat_smile: :innocent: I’m glad that issue is resolved. Have a nice day :sunrise:

Can u check if i did the same mistake plz?
trans. Hash 0xefb82194db4835425b89bc4fc31976ba109604c5880d4016f46792bcb4666804

i was saving 3 months for those money and now was waiting so long to start playing Axie and now i dont know what to do.

PLz help is there a way to find the lost money???