Mistake in transaction

I make a transaction from my wallet Metamask to my Binance wallet of BCG once hour ago AND the funds not make but the transaction from Binance yo Metamask, what i make bad? Itxd: 0xf2fea806fb7800fe00843f87a23b1ef55cb368f5f4100407c9bd4f1af809952c

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Hi @tazoedwin23. From what i can see through the TX id, your transaction was successful and your CGB tokens are in this wallet: 0x86236A1764B8d8aD2e7Fa590e83377a08AdFB53B. Do you recognize it?


Very thanks, I recognize it but in the wallet destiny of Binance a person in there platform telling that the Coín dont have listed AND because there 32 days i stay to shows the amount of funds

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