Mobile App crashes on opening

Mobile app is crashing upon opening on both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve tried all the usual restarts, software updates, resets, delete app reinstall empty caches all of it and even had a walk through with MetaMask support Zendesk agent and we couldn’t fix it. This post is to ask others having the same issue to go open a zendesk ticket cause I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about the same issue here in forums and on twitter but MetaMask won’t know it’s an issue unless we all open zendesk tickets. When u go to support, go to start conversation, you will get a chat window and just stay with it til u get a real agent and they will open the ticket for you.


Hey @Mettaversemary ,

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Thanks for sharing this, I will also try to share.

Would you be willing to share the following info too -

  • MetaMask version you have installed

  • Browser you are using

  • Browser version you have installed

Thank you!

Also - love your name.

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I’m sorry for your experience. I didn’t encounter such a situation myself. I also use Apple mobile phone. Which country is your IP address?

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