Mobile app issues

Three different accounts, each on a different device are not displaying the correct balance of funds and, even more so, nft. I want to sent some nft but the app doesn’t even show what I have and can’t import any further, let alone make transactions. This has been tested on 2 different wifi-networks

Mind you, bscscan and etherscan show the proper balances of the wallets and I’m able to transact properly through desktop, save for nft transactions that are still for some reason not possible through that route.

The problem has existed since at least yesterday and in the last half an hour or so, the “log-out” button has changed to “lock” which I haven’t really bothered checking cause one can never freaking know with these guys.

I have reset one of the wallets, checked for the most recent update of the app, deleted and re-installed…nothing

What gives?

Hey @Epicquest, please make sure you have imported the NFT correctly with the correct contract address and ID. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

The “log-out” being switched to “lock” was a part of a recent update :slight_smile:

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