Mobile tokens and values different from Chrome extension values. Which is correct?

My mobile Metamask account has a list of tokens that are different from my Metamask chrome extension. I reset my Chrome extension and now have the correct ETH amount but my other tokens don’t exist. My mobile has the wrong ETH amount but has the missing token wallets and amounts in them.
What gives?
Who do I believe?
How can I clear the slate and see what’s really going on?
If I reset my mobile wallet, could I lose everything?

All of this started because I didn’t have enough gas to cancel a swap. I can’t cancel or speed up the swap and now everything’s all very confusing. Help, please!

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your token balance. When you reset or restore your wallet, you have to re-add the custom tokens in your wallet.

For your extension wallet, please try the steps found here to restore your correct toke balance.

If your wallet on the mobile app is displaying incorrectly as well, please try resetting your wallet. You’ll need to be sure to add back the custom tokens there as well.

You can always search for your public address on to view your token balance.