Multiple seed attempts, and the first seed LOST

Good evening, a few months ago NIMBUS made a stop with its platform and we had to migrate the account to metamask, and it gave me some kind of error when trying to migrate my nimbus account ( to metamask, and for some reason the seed phrase did not come out, giving me an error, and I did it several more times, and from what I see, by not saving the first seed phrase I cannot open metamask with the real account with all my nimbus funds, what I can do? Can you get me the seed phrase please? Can we restore the account? Thank you


Metamask wallets are not associated with email addresses in any way. If you are referring to an account that was imported into a metamask instance, it would not be restored with the metamask generated seed phrase. If you want to recover a lost metamask seed phrase you can see here:

How to recover your metamask seed phrase