My Eth in my Op wallet missing


On Jan 6 , I sent 0.04 eth from op uniswap wallet to op MetaMask wallet

But when I open my op meta wallet I didn’t show up yet

This is the trx on Op Etherscan


Please help

Thank you

Hi @ricasa , welcome to MetaMask community!

You sent 0.004 ETH, not 0.04 ETH and it’s in your receiving address. You can see it onchain. Can see it by using OP block explorer:

Hi @ricasa

The above transaction is for sending 0.004044 ETH to this wallet address 0x513f8d8514378c0bed9f70d49776884f4ea34215 where you still have this balance


Thank you for your prompt replies.

Could you help me how to make the fund appear on my MetaMask op wallet ?

Thank you

Switch your network to Optimism on the MetaMask wallet. Your eth will show up then.

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Thank you for your advice
I already did it (switch into op network) since I sent the fund

But still nothing

What is Optimism LlamaNodes?

Can you try another RPC? Consider using chainlist:


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